About Me

About Me

About Piyush Jain

Hi Friends, My name is Piyush Jain. I am a software professional with around 25 years of experience ranging from a steel industry to the software industry. You may get more details about me on my Linkedin page.

I am fortunate to see the evolution of the consumer market, electronics, computer, and eCommerce industry. From keeping paper diaries with phone numbers to using smartphones. In the software industry, from mainframes to IoT devices. This transition has kept learning alive in me.

I have started this site with a purpose to share experiences, observations, and opinions for the betterment of all. My whole life goes around my family, friends, and job. If I can steal some time, then I travel, read books, check out the media, or write on this site. I experience many things during my journey, with respect to the product, books, career, and a lot of many things. I share my opinion about those keeping in mind that the reader would be of a similar mindset. To keep the message clear and lucid, I keep my post, short, sweet, and to the point.

By Education, I am a graduate from IIT Kanpur and Post-graduate from IIM Lucknow. I try to keep learning from any source and implement the same in my life. I look forward to your honest feedback so that I can improve myself.

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