China's Asian Dream


You feel as if you are roaming in the Chinese Sub-continent, sometimes as a Chinese businessman or sometimes as a local. Tom Miller has done an excellent job in walking the reader of the book through the region’s history, geography, and political condition in detail. Why is China like this, and what is the driving factor behind its adopted strategy discussed in detail?

AI Superpowers China, Silicon Valley and the new world order.

AI Superpowers China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

The author states the difference between the AI ecosystem, and what gives benefit for China. Kai Fu also elaborates on the studies done on the effect of AI on the society, and how the society should be ready for bracing the impact sooner which will come much faster than the change due to industrial and the information technology revolution.

The China Dream by Liu Mingfu

This book is used in the training curriculum of the PLA officers who are considered to become Generals someday. Since this book is a guideline to the thoughts from the founding fathers of modern China, all the thoughts expressed are pro-china. The facts have been stated to bring the brighter aspect of the country.

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