The Complete Mythology Collection (Set of 73 Titles) (Amar Chitra Katha)

Last Updated on 4 years by Piyush Jain

Me and my son can binge on this forever. It is like the best of the holiday time. Knowledge and fun unlimited. I had a ton of these in my childhood. Later when I found this here, I immediately ordered one. May be who so ever is reading this post will agree without a doubt about this.

Just a small anecdote, when I was in the US, and went to Diwali Mela organized locally, these comics were on sale there. I asked for how much is each. For a single copy, the lady (who happened to be my acquaintance too), said $3. I said that these we use to buy these for 3-3 rupees in my childhood. She immediately reverted “what except the currency has changed then!! You bought it in Rs, can’t you get it for your kids in dollars!!” SPEECHLESS me. I had to buy a couple of them for my daughter.

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