Book Review: The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket

Last Updated on 4 years by Piyush Jain

The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket (Author – Michael Rundell)

What is Jaffa?

What is Michelle?

What is Jolly?

What is whippy?

We just hear the commentary and pass it by. Though we enjoy the action, just make it half as we are not able to understand many things that happen on the ground. Watch it like a pro. Enjoy it like a pro, Bro!!!.

I got this book for my son, and now he does that (not me).

If you are an avid cricket fan or an analyst. It is a book that will give you the definition of all the cricket terms A-Z. The book gives you references from different matches in its definitions which makes the reader understand nicely all the info in it.

It will appeal to anyone with an interest in the game – from the seasoned aficionado to the youngest new recruit. If you’ve ever wondered why a batsman can expect a jaffa on a bunsen, or how to go aerial when you’re on a shirtfront… this is the book for you.



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