Use Sanitizer Liberally against Covid19

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As Covid-19 increases its’ influences and we are exiting lockdown; we must be extra careful. Even if we stay at home, we are exposed to delivery boys, sabji walas, milkman, and who not. They need to come, to run their business and our households. One never know even after a lot of precautions, that what loophole got one infected.

Precautions like

1) Cleaning all the doors and handles by spraying sanitizer on them.
2) Mopping the floor with disinfectants.
3) Maintaining the distance with proper masks and gloves.
4) Cleaning all the packets and vegetables with mild soaps/disinfectants (Potassium Permanganate – KMnO4) that come from outside. Dry them in the sunshine. Remember a little bit of chemistry in the 10th class?
5) Changing clothes after coming from outside. washing them and drying them in the sunshine.
6) Eating healthy food with a lot of anti-oxidants.
7) Drinking hot water. Add a pinch of turmeric powder if it suits you. (You will discover a new good beverage)
8) Not letting elders of the house and kids of the house exposed to the outside world.
9) Avoid meeting friends in-person. Virtual meetings are good.

10) In no way, attend any public meeting.

11) Do not send kids to school/college.

12) Avoid going office if you can do your work from home. Tell your boss too, else all who come to office are exposing themselves and others to this lethal virus.

13) Keep an oximeter to keep a check on your oxygen level.

14) Wash hands often with soap. If not possible, use hand sanitizer.

These will not only keep us safe but also people coming to our households safe.




Do not take this pandemic for granted until tried and tested vaccine or medicine comes into existence. This year if we save ourselves and people near us, it would be a great achievement for us. I too personally miss traveling, eating outside, meeting people, and roaming freely in bazaars, but it’s ok for safety.

We are saving on petrol but may have to spend on sanitizer for our safety to keep this #covid19 away.



6 thoughts on “Use Sanitizer Liberally against Covid19”

  1. I am following all the practises mentioned with one more addition – In the rare event I go out, I set aside all my clothes for washing, have a bath and SHAMPOO (hair as you know has electrostatic properties and attracts particulate matter).
    I plan to buy a pulse Oximeter and a 30-40 Litre Capacity UV-C Chamber (waiting for the prices to fall with more manufacturers entering this field now) for sterilising all items delivered from outside.

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