Oximeter for Covid-19

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K-Life FTP-103 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Guys!! Corona time. Various rumors in the air about what is Covid-19, and how it is detected. We do not know how the symptoms may vary from person to person. Basic fever can also be Covid-19, or simple cold and cough may be Covid-19. I don’t know. But what I definitely know is that if one has corona, then his oxygen level will decrease and that cannot be ignored. I also get an understanding, that in initial days when oxygen starts decreasing, one does not feel any symptoms, except some tiredness (in form of weakness). This is the time to check your oxygen level through oximeter.

Get one. Do not wait. I am not a doctor, but a simple citizen who is taking inputs from the media itself. We dread being tested for Covid-19 or going to the hospital, as one may get Covid-19 even if one doesn’t have in case one has to go to the hospital. Better to be safe at home and keep checking yourself at least once in a week. The reading should not go below 90%.

Disclaimer: This post is in no intention to suggest you not to do anything which you feel is right in your particular situation. Please take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe and as per medical practitioner advice. #covid19 #covid-19. Just to let you know, I bought it for Rs.2300/-, while it is available for around Rs.500 now.


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