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Book Review/Summary – Privacy 3.0, Unlocking Our Data Driven Future By Rahul Matthan

how we have to come to our current notions of personal space and individual privacy starting from early human rights in whose egalitarian social structures privacy was all but non-existent all the way down to our data-driven presents where it seems there is a little what we can do to consider our thoughts and actions from those around us.

Book Review Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy, and the Bomb by Strobe Talbott

This book states the story of the turning point of India-US relations. The story is a detailed and fact-filled elaboration of how the events took turns, on India becoming a nuclear power, it’s recovering back from the sanctions and build a position in the world it is at. The book gives an in-depth understanding of the factors which help the country stop or allow to make decisions. One need to look at the political pressures, military balances, neighbours around, your economy and your neighbour’s economy to decide on important aspects like these.

Book Review: Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist and was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2002 for economics. He is most famous for his work on the psychology of judgment, decision making and behavioral economics. In 2011, Daniel Kahneman (I will further address him as Daniel or the author) released the book Thinking Fast and Slow on these subjects. Thinking fast and slow presents the concepts of how the human mind perceives and analyses its surroundings.

Book Review: The Bomb in My Garden

This is the story of a nuclear scientist who after studying in the US, came back to his country and hooked by the agencies and Saddam regime to build the nuclear weapon. This story tells how he slowly got engrossed in building the nuclear weapon. As a commoner, this book tells of what are the complications in achieving the nuclear grade material and how it was just near to be achieved.

Book Review: The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket

We just hear the commentary and pass it by. Though we enjoy the action, just make it half as we are not able to understand many things that happen on the ground. Watch it like a pro. Enjoy it like a pro, Bro!!

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